UNIT 5 Review

Welcome to the Unit 5 Review.

In this activity, you are going to read a summary of what we have looked at in this unit and answer some questions about how confident you are in these areas.

When you have finished come back to this Activity Homepage and read the suggestions below for ways to explore the issues in this unit more deeply.


Complete the questionnaire below.




Suggestions for further study

If you would like to do more work on this unit, you could:

  • Observe a school colleague teaching and notice the stages of each activity. Write down all the instructions the teacher gives and see how he or she makes them clear. Discuss this with the teacher after the lesson.
  • Write some questions for a colleague on this course who you know teaches in a different context to you. Ask what the particular classroom management considerations are for his or her classes.
  • Read about stirrers and settlers in the primary classroom here.
  • Go here if you work with teen or adults; or here if you work with young learners. Click on Look Inside. Find some activities you could use with your students.
  • If you use Twitter, Facebook or other social media, ask teachers who you follow to tell you their favourite short activities.
  • Teach the activity that you planned in Activity 5.6 and video it. Upload the video to YouTube and post the link on the wiki page. Important note: you need to get your students’ permission, or parents’ permission if any of your students are under 18, to post a video of them. Tell them exactly how it will be used.




Click on course home to get to the next unit or to the Revisit Collaborative Activities to see what your colleagues and tutor have posted.


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