5.6 Activity Home: A Warmer, Filler, Stirrer or Settler to Share

Activity 5.6 Home: A Warmer, Filler, Stirrer or Settler to Share

Welcome to Activity 5.6.

In this activity you will plan the aim, procedures and instructions for an activity of your choice, using all the skills and knowledge from this unit, and share it with others.

We’re going to choose one activity and imagine how we would use it in class. You can make notes in Notes and then edit the wiki below to share your activity with others.

Task 1

Choose a warmer, filler, stirrer or settler from one of the sources below.


  • Activity 5.5 (the previous Activity),
  • your own repertoire,
  • a course colleague,
  • a school colleague, or
  • another resource (eg book, internet)

Task 2

Edit the wiki to write about your activity including the information below.


  • A brief description (one sentence) of the class you would use it with
  • Why you chose the activity
  • The aim of the activity
  • At what stage of the lesson you would use it
  • The stages of the activity
  • The instructions (suitable for your class)
  • Where you got the idea from
  • Any other information you want to include

Remember, to edit the wiki click on Edit. Then type in the table. It will expand as you type. There is a slider at the bottom of the table to allow you to see what is to the right. But it is much easier to see the whole table when you are writing:

  • Click the square icon on the right of the top row of editing tools ("Toggle full screen mode")
  • When you have finished writing click this again, so you can Save your work.




Sharing activities

Your Name

Description of the class

Activity Name

Why did you choose the activity?

Where did you get it from?

Activity aim

Steps in activity

Stage of lesson


Other information?

Comments from tutor and participants

Course Participant 1 Any class - any age group / any class size Word GrabIt's fun, it recycles vocabulary - a great warmer or fillerThis unitRevise and consolidate vocabulary

Divide the class into two groups.

Give each group a set of the same vocabulary.

Teacher gives a definition of one of the words. Students have to grab the correct word.

End of lesson

Listen to me describing/Look at me miming/Look at me showing you an image illustrating the meaning of one of the words. Pick up and show me which word I am describing ... The person in each group that collects more words wins. 

Let's do an example.....